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This studio isn’t a trendy space in Shoreditch, London with multiple designers and a fridge full of beer. It is, in fact, a converted part of my house in the beautiful village of Bearsted in Kent that I share with my husband and our retired athlete greyhound, Zorro. (I do have a 1960s Ladderax full of good gin, though!)

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If you’ve read this far, you’re likely a start-up, entrepreneur, or established company who recognises the importance of good branding and how it ever so closely correlates with brand recognition...and therefore, more revenue. Perhaps your business has experienced it’s share of success but you know your external branding could be stronger. More consistent. More in-line with the results you provide others. Maybe your company is lacking the internal visual communications and asset management systems that keep your team on the same page and feeling proud to rep your business day in and day out.

At Lauren Leader Studio, you’ll find solutions for all of that. Whether it’s the complete creation of a brand identity and strategic website or executing small design projects like email marketing templates, campaign pages, or brochures - I’ve got you covered. 

Meet Lauren

Brand Strategist + Website Designer

I’ve had a passion for design since the age of 7 - whether I was rearranging my bedroom after watching an episode of “Changing Rooms”, imagining the design of a theme park, or creating leaflets for local babysitters. So going into the high-pressure, fast-paced design industry after university was a natural path for me. But more than a decade later, after I’d just just gotten married in Thailand, I was enjoying a particularly awesome sunset paired with a few cocktails, and began reassessing things. I realised I would only truly be happy if my creativity was spent on those who are as passionate about what they do as I am.

You see, I'm more than a pixel-pusher or someone who’s particular about the way things look (although, I’m that, too!) - I'm a design strategist who loves to make a difference to companies. I’m here to transform your brand into one you’re truly proud of, to listen intently to your needs, and to deeply care about your success. 


Meet Lauren

Brand Strategist + Website Designer

Through 18+ years of experience, I’ve become an expert at creating strategic brand identities and websites that serve to elevate businesses.

The beauty of it being just me is that I devote complete focus to you and your business. You aren’t trapped with an agency’s off/on drawn-out schedule or the impersonal touch from multiple designers picking up your project and handing it off without any real consistency or understanding of your objectives. With me, you become a priority. 

When I’m not designing + elevating brands, I enjoy walking in the countryside with Zorro, whilst listening to podcasts + audiobooks or spending time with like-minded creatives.

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Behind the designs

What I Learnt from Over a Decade in the Design Industry

Over the years, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what works and doesn’t work.

I’ve worked with a host of different clients including directors of photography + artists, project management for space creation + built heritage consultants, internal communication agencies, wellness + fitness professionals, food + drink manufacturers, business coaches, tech startups, and sustainable product companies. 

During my 14 years in the corporate design industry, I served as the Head of Brand + Design for a global software development consultancy and as the in-house designer for a public relations agency, working with a number of big brands.

This interesting, fast-paced work provided me with a hands-on exploration into how much branding, website design, and marketing can deeply influence the growth of a business.

While it was an invaluable experience for me, I disliked how thinly spread I found myself. At any one time, I was serving multiple stakeholders and clients with requests coming in from a pool of hundreds of people. I felt stressed and, as a result, I knew I wasn’t able to give my all. 

When I made the decision to leave the hustle and bustle, I had learned that, in order to do my best work, I needed to work with only a limited number of clients per month. By making you my sole focus, I can feel truly invested once again.

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One MessagE

A logo is not a brand.


The LL Studio Master Checklist

Cultivating a Consistent Brand Identity from Your Logo to Your Website & Beyond

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My design style is clean and simple with an emphasis on beautiful typography. It’s thoughtful and functional, and never just ‘pretty.’ I believe good design is a balance between form and function.

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